FINN Real Estate provides exceptional customer service and personalized support through a collective effort from their talented and diverse support team.

Meet the FINN Support Team

Monica Davis
Director of Business Development

Monica joins The FINN Real Estate Team as The Director of Business Development to further enhance FINN’s short-term and long-term growth initiatives. Monica is detail-oriented, with a highly organized and focused execution. Monica’s creative and forward-thinking approach fundamentally supports FINN’s emerging brand in a multi-dimensional and meaningful capacity.

Monica is also a Colorado native and outdoor enthusiast.  She has spent her lifetime exploring natural attractions throughout the state, finding inspiration and joy in Colorado’s beautiful forests and remote destinations year-round.  We warmly welcome her aboard!



Stuart Crowell
Broker Associate

Born and raised in Michigan, Stu moved to Denver after 5 years as a student on the east coast attending George Mason University where he completed an Undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and a Graduate degree in Business Management. Growing up immersed in his father’s successful retail business, Stu embodies an exceptional approach to customer service and a willingness to go above and beyond when it comes to client care and professionalism.

With a love for the Denver metro area and a passion for connection with others, Stu makes for a wonderful Broker’s Associate and Buyer’s Agent at FINN Real Estate.


David Ray
Client Care Coordinator

David is a long-term transplant to Colorado from Virginia. Through multiple years working throughout the city, David has developed a wealth of knowledge of Denver neighborhoods and districts across greater Denver. This has proved invaluable in the logistics and marketing coordination at FINN Real Estate.

Outside of his long-time passion for residential Real Estate, David can be found exploring the natural wonders of Colorado or partaking in some of Rocky Mountain’s culinary delights. He also owns and operates a handy-man business on the side and hopes to owns his own construction company one day.