Scott Trench grew up in Clarksville, MD. He holds degrees in Economics and History as well as Finance and Corporate Strategy from Vanderbilt University. After completing his studies, Scott moved to Colorado for a job in corporate finance before transitioning to pursue a career helping others succeed in real estate investing and wealth building.

Today, Scott works for – the world’s largest community of real estate investors online, where he helps real estate investors across the world succeed in growing their businesses to the next level. He writes extensively on the topic of real estate investing and wealth building, and his works have been featured in and cited in major publications, including TIME’s Money Magazine and the Denver Post.

Scott actively invests in real estate and is looking to add to his two duplexes here in Denver with 1-2 additional acquisitions in 2016. It’s this interest and passion for Denver real estate, coupled with an economist’s study of the region and nation, that he uses to serve local investors. Scott also knows that real estate is not just about the hard numbers, and works hard to stay abreast of local trends, meet knowledgeable Denver investors, and craft investing strategies that make cents* in the short-term, with the opportunity for substantial appreciation and dollar gain over the long-term.

His personal investing goals include aggressively building a scalable real estate business that can be run passively to produce a sustainable and ever-increasing income stream to support his lifestyle.

Outside of work, you can find Scott playing rugby with the Queen City Rams at Infinity Park, riding his bicycle on Denver’s gorgeous trails, and at local coffee shops reading, writing, or meeting new people.

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